Introducing Garlick House

We are excited to announce that work on Garlick House, the frail care centre, at Garlington Village has commenced. We broke ground on 10 May and are anticipating this being completed by the end of April 2019.

The design of Garlick House has been based on the “Green House Projects”, which have been developed in the United States. The Green House Projects are frail care centres which are built and operated on the ethos that retains a homely atmosphere rather than the traditional institutional atmosphere found in most frail care centres.

Garlick House will have 10 rooms, all en-suite, with a central kitchen and living space allowing the opportunity for all residents to be involved in all aspects of the running of the house and individualised meals.

Once Garlick House is complete it will be the hub of Garlington Village and in addition to the 10 frail care rooms will also manage the 50 service life rights, which will be made available to homeowners at Garlington. The service life right will entitle a person who owns a property at Garlington to access all the amenities and facilities that people living in Garlington Village are entitled to and will be offered to residents at Garlington before the end of this year. Should you be interested in purchasing a service life right please register your interest by sending your name and contact details to Sandra on